The templates still do not open. File is unknown. I think you need to set it to zip.


and how can I do that? i don't know how to zip it

Smart Dude

So I just email my entry?... I don't have to fill out anything?...


I will take maybeone night ortwo todothat...with scrapbooking and with my better smile ...and ho yes my favorite pet and his merveillous clothes...but Idon't have one...maybe you? try to do better than that...for her.... please Paris, choose me as your Bff in your heart...and look at this picture...

Account Deleted

:((( i cant join since im not from US :(


when are you announcing the winner! i'm waiting anxiously! :) :)

Smart Dude

When is are winners going to be posted?!


please announce the winners! we want to see all of them! :)

Account Deleted

great so lol

Marlon Em

Creative BFF is a brilliant idea. Paris, indeed you are an angel of beauty and wisdom. That you have to pretty day, today and always. Blessings...

Anthony Nunley

I'm probably the most creative person on here. I'm an artist with dreams & ideas of taking over the transportation industry in the U.S. I would be the best BFF for Paris because I may know what you can to do to become the weathiest girl in the world. I make $340 biweekly and own a split level house in a nice quiet neiborhood and have 3 running cars, two paid off. I'm also raising two children(2 & 4) off of it. I bar-b-que regularly and take my family to the lake near my house. Just went part-time on job. I also have a gym membership. Sorry for all the bad things that happened to you. I accepted the Bible and studied it and now I don't need anymore.

Ksenia M.

Love, love, LOVE this contest!

Account Deleted

olá meu nome é Erika Tamires sou brasileira, e gostaria muito de contactar com você, gosto muito de você sou sua fã....espero ser atendida pois ficarei muito feliz.... bjos te adoro.

Ksenia M.

Do we have a winner?..


Dear Paris , i am a writer and screenwriter italian , one that ... wants to become the number one , one that ... has only need the right person beside him . This person you could be , i do not hate you and i love you , love you in the right way , for what you're really , you give precious pieces of advice , help you , writing for you special screenplays brilliant , and remained in the shadow , in thy shadow , because i like and will not appear in the world . Think about ... and ... let me know if you intrigued my proposal is not indecent , Ciao .

A Facebook User

hola, saludos desde Perú.

A Facebook User

Paris Hilton, mis niñas te ven y dicen que pareces una muñeca, y yo les digo que tu eres como la barbie, les gusta mucho como te vistes... en realidad pues si, eres una chica muy linda, saludos y besitos cuidate

Famitah Φαμιε

Would love love to see you Paris! from Manila Phils! stay pretty!! xoxo!


i have a awsome thing that is so cool only acouple of pep no what it is and i no if i was able to talk and show it to you,!

Przemysław Głowacki

oU Napisze po polsku zeby bylo zabawnie =)
Po 1- i tak pewnie nie czytasz co ci tutaj ludzie pisza:D
Po 2-sam nie wiem po co to pisze;O hmm pewnie dlatego ze jest 4 rano zaraz i mam cos z glowa:Dp
Po 3-Zapraszamy do Polski jeszcze raz=)

Giulia Justice

hey my name is alvina i m from germany you are so beautyfull i love youu:-*


Maybe it's a bit sick that everybody write to Paris,maybe it's nonsense but first we must to understand how it's to be fan,it's hard,it's like platonic worship,but what we can to do,we're only humans and world looks how looks.I'm interested in her life,she is like my family I know only her and no in real,I'm the biggest fan-it's really hard so I tried to be even anti-fan haha but it's not good.Now Paris is for me like sister,someone who I see everyday,who lives far away from me and we won't never meet ;[,because it's not possible like many things and therefore I can't fly,to be invisible.The most important is NOT HAVE OBSESSION-it's bad for us and for Paris,sorry for it that I write,but who I can tell it :(Greetings for all :)))

PS:Każdy pisze z innych powodów,ja współczuję tylko Paris,że każdy chciałby się z nią przyjażnić co a ja to bym niby nie chciała haha,ale ok nic na to się nie poradzi,najlepiej jakby było tyle Paris ile fanów :D.

Account Deleted

I would like to congratulate, if you really help annimals, built a mansion for dogs, we poeple needs some mansions can you help us too, I want to know have you really sincere about it


yes do you love the man not IT

John Boom

Hi Paris,
Would you like to try some of my new original songs to record like this song that would suit your voice:
Its just a rough demo track for now.

Adi Bro Setia

Hy how are you today princes Lady Paris Hilton ? you are beautiful and cute 100% Yeah , please add me on facebook ? my email on facebook : , add me please , you are best woman top

Account Deleted



I need to now, how i can contact with real paris hilton like a email because I am busy with this case ....

Barbara Wisler

Legos for girls who like being girly!!!!


Bailey Shoemaker-Richards and Stephanie Cole's Petiton attacks the girls who like being the tradtional, all-american girl. Read their petition and decide for yourself.

-Who's rights are really being attacked?

-Why are these women so intimidated by the girls who choose to be "girly"?

-What makes them think production numbers from the product they are selling won't tell the company what consumers want?

-Why do they have a problem with pink and purple?

-What is wrong with a girl who likes salons, cafes, and houses?

This is very important to the girls who are "girly". My 8 year old little girl is the opposite of me. She is 100% girly-girl, while I myself was a tomboy who loved sports. My daughter loves spending hours getting her hair done, getting her nails done, and loves the color purple. Things I don't understand why she likes at all!!! When the petition against Lego came out, I felt it was not only an attack against so-called sexist toys but an attack against girls like my daughter. I think girls like my daughter are not dumbed down in anyway by the girl line of LEGO because it brings out the creative nature of these beautiful hard working girls also. Just because I'm not a girly girl that spends hours on my hair and make-up, doesn't mean I'm going to attack my daughter's personality because I don't agree with it. I embrace it and do things that she likes to do because she is as amazing as any other girl with tomboyish features like me! I am not going to judge girls who do not want to be builders instead of cooks and and vets!!! Why are you judging my daughter's "women rights" ? I love my daughter for taking on a "girly" route despite having 3 brothers!!!! My daughter loves who she is!!!! Lego keep producing!!!!! Bailey Shoemaker-Richards and Stephanie Cole: STOP TRYING TO MAKE DECISIONS FOR GIRLS WHO LOVE BEING "GIRLY"!!!!! MY DAUGHTER HAS JUST AS MUCH RIGHTS TO WANT PINK AND PURPLE CAFES AS ANY OTHER GIRL HAS THE RIGHT LOVE KNIGHTS AND DRAGONS AND CASTLES!!!!

Why are these woman so intimidated by girl toys? I loved playing swords and D&D with my brothers! I loved playing football in the park. While I am a little intimdated by my daughter who loves dolls, makeup, and "girl" colors, I RESPECT WHO SHE IS!!!

Bailey Shoemaker-Richards and Stephanie Cole's Petiton shows excatly how much disreguard they have for there own gender. Maybe there are some girls who enjoy being in a tradtional mind set and my daughter definetly doesn't want to work on cars or get dirty like me!!!!! I give her the RIGHT to be herself because she is beautiful in her own way!!!!

Barbara Wisler's pettition from

Barbara Wisler

Paris Hilton will you please sign my petition?

Lvtetia Champagne

Dear Paris

2000 year ago when the Romains were in Gaulle this town (Paris) was named LVTETIA. I was born in Paris, I living in Paris and I love Paris and the good life.
So far, there was any Champagne which celebrated ‘Paris’, and for
and the Paris's lovers.
So, in 2011, i created a new champagne trademark. "LVTETIA Champagne"
This trademark, registered at CIVC, if you want it's yours , Dear Paris!.

I think you have the image of beauty and glamour to represent my hometown.
I hope you will accept my proposal.

Please visit my website

(if you accept , this website change totally , I have a lot of crazy ideas about that ).

Very Kindly


Ileana Bustamante

holas como estas amiga estoy muy feliz de ser tu amiga eres una priuncesa amiga linda oye te tengo un chisme oye otra cosa mandame un correo a besitos te cuidas te queiro con defectos y todso no lo olvides para mi eres m iemjor amiga oiste

john k hutchison

you have my full support on your projects you and nikki keep up the great work thanks


Happy Birthday

You are so divine, you are beautiful,
your eyes radiates divinity of a goddess,
would love sin, sin would not love you,
I love your eyes, love your lips to kiss you almost would die.

Lara Bader

i love u

احمد المبارك

i like you
but i hate the only bad thing girls to do << being naked
if u r still single i am ready and serious to marry you
as second wife


P, why is my location time zone incorrectly listed as LA.? B

Account Deleted

u are the most beautiful dream.



Bonjour Madame

Je vous écris afin que vous obtenez les plus amples information sur le principe de ce partenariat.
Je vis en AFRIQUE DE L'OUEST (CÔTE D'IVOIRE) dans la ville D'ABIDJAN et j’effectue quelques voyages vers d'autre pays et sous région de temps à autre.
Mon but d'être basée sur la voie du succès visent à faire le maximum et tout effort possible pour obtenir de l’autodétermination et une indépendance avec l'aide des personnes ayant plus de réflexion et de responsabilité qui feront de moi l'un des plus grands adversaires dans le milieu du SHOW BUSINESS pour la réalisation d’un rêve de SUPERSTAR ayant des caractères authentique d’un play-boy AMERICANISER de la jetset afin d'être elever avec aide et un enseignement assez particulié comme beaucoup d’autre Employé et vedette D'HOLLYWOOD de vos Films,Séries et Albums spectaculaires .
J'espère recevoir avec hâte une réponse positive et une élection favorable venant de vous afin de réaliser ce rêve de SUPERSTAR s’exercent dans ce domaine d'activités D’INTERPRETE MUSICALES, THEÂTRALES ou CINEMATOGRAPHIQUES comme vous.

Merci pour votre attention.

Hello Miss.

I write so that you get more information on the principle of partnership.
I live in WEST AFRICA (IVORY COAST) in the city and I ABIDJAN made ​​a few trips to other countries in region and from time to time.
My goal to be based on the path to success are to the maximum and every effort to obtain self-determination and independence with the help of people with more reflection and responsibility that will make me one of larger opponents in the mid SHOW BUSINESS for the realization of a dream of having SUPERSTAR character of an authentic Playboy Americanize the jetset to be assisted and elevate education enough particulary like many other Employee HOLLYWOOD star and your Movies, Albums and spectacular.
I hope to receive a positive response with haste and a favorable election from you to realize this dream SUPERSTAR exerted in this field of activity INTERPRETER OF MUSICAL, THEATRICAL FILM or like you.

Thank you for your attention.
I undersigned Mr EMMANUEL M. MOUGNIN

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