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Sean Tunctan

So you can smile, I was starting to wonder if you could ever play a serious role since November... Everyone has as been sticking you in photoshop: I've never seen that level of graphical manipulation before and social attitudes have definitely progressed for the worse. Anyway keep on smiling and one day I might just brush some of that dust off my sketch pad.

Richard  from Amish stories

Ive never been to Vegas before and trust me Id love to go at least one time In my life, but for now Ill have to settle for living In a great area filled with Amish farms and rolling hills. And from where Im sitting thats a pretty nice place to be and Im happy being here. Richard from the Amish community of Lebanon,pa. http://Amishstorys.com

John Nguyen

Wish I could have gone to EDC. Maybe next year. <3


This girl is amazing. She deserves to be loved. We love you hun. I like your dress too. That's hot. Follow me on twitter? :) @maftern

Krzysztof Bańka

worldculture.pl in this restaurant

Phreviewz Page

Paris looks gorgeous, she just gets better and better!

Account Deleted

I attended Steve Wynn's event at the newest restaurant, http://www.hermesbagsoutlet.com

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