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Account Deleted

Yr.1996 was sort of "cowards take everything year" in fact using key "double or nothing" I've become sort of "untouchable" but dark side of power is your most insignificant gesture may literally kill a lot of power, and using in hectic way just for the anger you are forced to lie the dearest ones... Be wise as a leopard manly, and cryptic like chimera (winged-dog by instance) when need to, beloved One&Only P. W.H.!

Account Deleted

My sweet girl Paris so beautiful!
I'm so want you to find yourself with you at that time! I love you very much, my Paris! :)

Account Deleted

Just showed my mom this lovely photo of Paris. My mom was delighted and said, you're on an amazing and beautiful as a flawless great my mom loves you Paris! :)
I so happy :)

Sean Tunctan

I have never laughed so much in all my life, it is so hilarious watching you knuckle down that it makes my sides hurt. And the funny thing is that you have been dragging you knuckles on the floor like an ape for so many years, that now you are well on your way to becoming a fully fledged karate instructor. The polish goes on and the polish goes off...

Horst-Ekkehard Rautmann

Another super photo of Princess Paris Hilton, because you probably would love to be allowed into the room, and thus stay in the vicinity of Paris allowed.

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