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Sean Tunctan

Online Services are very alike to running off and booking yourself into a cheap Hotel. It would be interesting to see how many service subscribers are using Fake Identification for a cheap thrill. This makes me wonder if I should have just signed your Guestbooks and then got out of dodge, as reputations do have a nasty habit of catching up with people. As with sticking your fingers in a Pie and pulling out a Plumb, can be a very tasty reward...?

Richard  from Amish stories

Im glad to see that you now seem to be on the right track with your life now, unlike some of the younger woman in hollywood that are now going down a very bad road for themselves. And It only hurts them and thier familys as most fans dont really care anyway, and may even enjoy watching a train wreak in progress! Richard from Amish Stories http://Amishstories.net

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Rafael Centenera

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