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Mise à jour de sécurité pour Windows 7 pour ordinateurs à processeur x64 (KB2584146)

Date d'installation : ‎29/‎03/‎2012 22:09

État de l'installation : Réussite

Type de mise à jour : Important

Un problème de sécurité a été identifié. Ce problème pourrait permettre à une personne distante malveillante non authentifiée de porter atteintre à votre système et d'en prendre le contrôle. Vous pouvez renforcer la protection de votre système en installant cette mise à jour de Microsoft. Une fois cette mise à jour installée, vous serez peut-être amené à redémarrer votre système.

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Can't wait to see your amazing shoots! I love you very much, my Great Goddess! ☺

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Paris you are my luxury divinely beautiful girl! I can not wait to see stunning new photo shoot! I'm so excited! :)

Sean Tunctan

For a celebrity that is constantly in the public gaze, you might be shocked upon how infrequently you make it past the daily headlines and break it in to the news. Have you looked at the recent trend of dismantling the internet database with client solutions full of outbound traffic. For someone like you who has a million and one plus followers, the additional cost of installing a interactive hologram to take all of the inbound conference calls is going to put a drain on your existing resources. If only I had more time to fully appreciate my daily allowance of SMS news feeds -- Must dash!

Phreviewz Page

This is Awesome, can't wait to see the rest of 'em! :)

Derek Jackson


Zamie Paris

Hot shot, P! Can't wait for the rest of the photo shoot! :)

ChelseaRoma Loves Paris Hilton ^^,

GLAMOROUS Paris! Loves it ,I'm sure this shots will be MARVELOUS! :D <3

Tania Guadalupe Gonzalez Gonzalez

(((( MY Girlfriend Paris Hilton Live Painterest @ 1 #
, I LOVE Please ))))

Jason Khounlo

This was very informative. I have been reading your blog alot over the past few days and it has earned a place in my bookmarks.

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