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Account Deleted

I think that purple color is just a hue of pink in a man eye.

Have a purple status in most cases, because I always knew that you have a purple heart, soul and obviously body!
Be blessed ♔ ♥ ♔ PH! ☺

Dário Lopes

Hi Paris , i'm portuguese . In case you don't believe in love at fiirst sight, you have to know that I fell in love for you and I can't stop dreaming about you, I sleep and I wake up with you in my dreams. .. don't you want to be a part of my reality?
sometimes I dream of being awarded with something and I forget that you're the best award someone could ever wish for, dear Paris! being with you was being sure that I've conquered all I could wish for for you are the most awesome person in the planet!
Sorry my englis is bad .... < 3
- Por favor diz-me algo , á anos que tento falar contigo , eu adoro-te fergie e estou sofrendo muito , quero estar contigo , adorava so conhecer-te e não penses que te digo isto so por seres famosa... O meu desejo é sempre o mesmo desde á alguns anos... esse desejo será conhecer-te pois és a pessoa de quem eu mais admiro neste mundo :)

ChelseaRoma Loves Paris Hilton ^^,

I'm SO PROUD of you @ParisHilton, Congratulations! You deserve it :)
I <3 you ∞

Phreviewz Page

That is so cool! Every one of her fragrances are really good. We can't believe she has 15 of 'em now! That's Awesome! Congratulations Paris :)

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