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Human Hair Wig Manufactory

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Sean Tunctan

The only reason I'm going to comment on this is because it is one of those things that you have to fight through on the ground floor of the department store that chokes all of the air around you. The other annoying thing about Eau de Toilette on an attractive woman is that it always tastes like Beefeater Gin mixed with disinfectant. What I am going to say though is that the bootle is most likely made from rock crystal and how those scientists managed to create a near perfect pink tint is beyond me. I also do dread to think what it would smell like as they all remind me of allergies and to the best of my knowledge, Paris has never made a Perfume that tastes of Bubble Gum which has been stuck under a desk for 24 hours.

Account Deleted

I'm crazy from all your perfume! They are all luxurious smell you smell taboy I'm happy my family enjoyed your perfume! I am so excited that I can not wait to smell!
Paris i love you so much! My sweet honey Paris!

Account Deleted

Love your perfumes! Can't wait to get this beautiful bottle)

Account Deleted

I think it's cool. The bottle of the perfume looks nice, and i'm pretty sure it smells very good.♥

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Phreviewz Page

It all looks Awesome!


Grade is an A Dazzle Packaging Revealed! http://bit.ly/LP61cg p dazzle h so can b u sweet, I lov u star your man g

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