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Horst-Ekkehard Rautmann

Ein Foto von Paris Hlton einfach zum anbeten.

Account Deleted

Paris look gorgeous as always, I love you, my divine girl! Nicky amazing I love her! It is the best of luxury designer rings! I want them all! but for Russia

Marcin Lubczyk


Jessie Wright

Dear Paris,

I know this is a very long-shot. But my intention was to write to you and ask you to please check out my online boutique for Kelsabell Fashions. We are from a small town in Australia & we LOVE fashion. Unfortunately times have been really tough for us. I guess I just thought that maybe, just maybe if I could get some attention to our site, that business would pick up. Anyway, thank-you for your time.. I understand you are all very busy! If you get the chance, It would be amazing if you could check-out our website or Facebook page.


With love,
Jessie Wright xox

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