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Oh, my God! So cool it's amazing! I happy for you my sweet baby! ;)

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My beautiful doll! So cute. :) Loves it photo session!

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Thank you so much for this article! I am so happy, still can't breathe and crying with tears of joy! You made my day, you made me so HAPPY! I'm so proud to be a Little Hilton! This such an amazing feeling! So happy that Paris knows and loves me! :) ♥

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Thank you babe Sofy! You are amazing! I love you, sweet Little Hilton! :)

Zamie Paris

Autographed handbag by @ParisHilton! How cool is that!
I always hope that I could get a stuff with Paris's signature on it!

You are so lucky Polina! :)

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thank you babe! You'll get it, believe! :)

Phreviewz Page

This is so cool! phpurses and Paris Hilton rock! :) & Polina Hilton is such an Awesome fan!

Horst-Ekkehard Rautmann

How sweet !!

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