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Account Deleted

I love you Princess Paris!

Enhee Bolor

Hello Paris. I'm a citizen of Mongolia. I was illness many years. Now I a rapid recovery from illness. I was to hear you are humanitarian. Need your help for me. Because my parents sold their flat and paid my treatment fee. Now they have homelessness. I want to help for parents. Now I work and earn 300$ a month. Flat's 1m2 price 1000$ in Mongolia. I can't never to buy flat. Please to help for me and my parents. if you don't help me. I don't know what to do. I BELIEVE TO YOU. Sorry to trouble you. I waiting your answer

Enrique Munoz

Love your look! You look confident and HOT! =)


Eine Prinzessin zum verlieben. Liebe Paris Hilton Du hast Dich wieder einmal selbst übertroffen. Du bist zum Anbeisen schön anzusehn. Zuckerstück.

A L A 2010u S Go

~~ If I have a present ...especially for you ,what should we do ???

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