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Rui de Castro

#GP #Go #Paris @ParisHilton #FHM


Paris Honey,
Happy New Year.I LOVE YOU.Remain Blessed In Jesus Name.Amen.


You are the best ! :) <3 Paris
Your Little Hilton

Lorne Cooper3

Beautiful perfection from head to toe. I love those undies too.


paris you are so beautiful, beautiful sexy photos

Account Deleted

If lady P.W. Hilton would have lived hundred years ago, she would inspired "Spirit of Ecstasy" (statuette from the hood of Rolls Royce). In fact, the silver statuette resembles a lot with Paris anyway. In two words this video is ecstatically-hot. If I press "replay" button my heart will reach 200beates/minute very soon. Be evergreen gracious lady Hilton!!! I wish that 2012 shall be the best year ever until now for you and for yours loved ones!!! G.B.!!!


Yippee Paris is a fun girl

Kevin Kuhn

paris your the best you have made a billion dollars I wish I were you,


Estás muy bien centrada Paris, eres la envida de muchas mujeres, sobre todo de una pila de gordas aquí en Panamá...jejejjee

Kevin Kuhn

plus, your much better looking then lady gaga

Kevin Kuhn

hay, that was a great video cool song

Kevin Kuhn

wow, Paris you even make devassa look sexy, what do you think gaga is doing right now? Drinking some cheep Italian wine, out of a box like some wine-o!

Kevin Kuhn

dan harris, is the biggest ass hole I ever saw on tv, & ask some of the dumbest questions I ever heard. The man must be gay!

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