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Congratulations Paris MS. Hilton you're worth a Trillion buck$


PS: #Queen #B.illion$$$$ @ParisHilton
Ru i


I like your brunette pics, although u look all business & not exactly too happy...what's up with this showing of the wealth recently P' that even in interviews you would not discuss?...hmm do i sense some insecurity...you bet i do...but in my opinion you are doing awesome in wealth building...now if u could only be convinced that your priority should be philanthropy & striving to helping others in a more substantive way; the down trodden,the less fortunate & many important causes too many to mention...and too great a need to comprehend Xo

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Congratulations Paris&team! I think rather than "business as usual" is a case of "who is the sucker now?", remembering mass-media bullying that PH suffered during her public career. I hope that I'm forgave for mentioning such bad memories, but fortunately "all bad things work in a good way" this time also. G.B.!

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Paris, I want the queen! :)

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Was born princess, now is queen & on her own way to become empress. Have stars being bright watching you from above, now and always! Be Blessed PH!

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