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Account Deleted

<3 GREAT! <3

Natalie Whale

u can drive the red .... im taking the pink one babe xx

Arron Mitchell

how bout you and me baby have a merry little christmas together


Broutage du chicon a zdondonf! :p


Wow...what a beast...the car, not you silly...wait what is that white beaut i see to the left...where have you been hiding that? hmm ;)


Paris, Will you marry me?


Awesome photos!!!!

Account Deleted

love poznakomka

Account Deleted

давай познакомка одесса!


The photos with the car & the staircase.... favorites :) Way cool!

Jonathan Redwine

VARROOM! kiss kiss :-))))))))))

Ekrem Aky

flesh color,buff,enthusiasm,taste, i see this word in dictionery, ascendent love,

Ekrem Aky

course of action me to you entrhalling, emotion avaible...

Ekrem Aky

rose colored your :) from of old:) SHORT NOTICE WHITOUT :) BE SATED WHIT NEEDED.to you acsendant love and distinctly different curiosity embracing relation hearer as predictably ain't single rub down maximal imagination and to you be sated with imagination you know :( costume for life hide i want you know, nice eyed, underfoot taste avaible, communicate , CLEAN FACED:),wire woven counterattack,

Lorne Cooper3

You festive Gorgeous Beautiful Face!

Lorne Cooper3

Great car Beautiful Face! I'd rather have your thong over any car though ANYDAY!!!!!!!

Ekrem Aky

pictorial before you could say jack robinson hahaha now for you foto,wait i have message in my gsm,en dan i go sleeping five 10 minutes i see you fotos here now en dan i go sleeping 20 minutes 30 mintues i see your foto en dan i go sleeping:) GOODDAY GOODHOURS FOR YOU MY BABY :) :))))))))))))) :) up upppppp upppppppp quoth to you,:))))))))))))))))))))))

Jason Murphree

You look great as always, but what I'm diggin on is your legit ass staircase with the old school rug and polished brass tensioners :P Your pad is SO choice :]

Account Deleted

ur the shine of sun...
ur the brightness of star....
wt mre i cn say jst u shud knw tht....
ur d luv of mah heart <3


Should have witnesses all of the chaos on the streets in London from Knightsbridge to Kathmandu where all the local natives are petrified stiff of the Jungle. Looking forward to another stonking stogie this XMAS. Cheer up Paris it might never happen.


what kind of ferrari is that looks like a beaut

Tony Moore

Season Greetings & incredible New Year!
bb, you can drive my Car (no capes!), but I want the Rolex you are waring back!...
Love your Way God Bless...

Matthew Haywood

Wanna make Paris Hilton a toolbar or an app? Go to haywoodbrothers.com Thank you

Account Deleted

What a wonderful and eye catching photo of yours with electric Christmas tree and Red beautiful car. Have a beuatiful and pleasant day.Good Luck
chand babu bairathi jaipur rajasthan india

Robert Taylor

Awesome, I will be over later to borrow the car. Thanks! ;)

Uxbridge Male

hey, don't kick me so hard. (wink)

Stuart Hall

The cars ok and so are you ,iam to tired too be arsed saying anymore BYE X

Stuart Hall

O yes you look good enough too eat in that picture and now iam going to sleap just thought id tell ya iam good for ya EGO X

Wes Daman

Fantastic dress PARIS !!!!

Wes Daman

My DEAR PRINCESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stuart Hall

Or right ill tell ya ya legs are nicer than the car

Account Deleted

omg, you looked sooo beautiful!!! <3

Moises Casablancas

Hey Paris always looking Hot, happy hoilidays :)

Account Deleted

Sempre Maravilhosa, uma princesa...

Randy Sellet

What a fab Christmas party!!! My favorite pix are #1 and #7, and of course you are absolutely a Princess in all of them !!

john k hutchison

merry christmas much love from us all always your friend john

john k hutchison

http://www.myspace.com/johnkhutchison and love merry christmas to you and your fans

john k hutchison

post christmas greating to paris on my youtube channel johnkhutchison1 paris youtube is linked to my channel

Account Deleted

What's the desginer of the breathtaking dress?? Is it Oscar de La Renta?

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