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Account Deleted

Your voice is so soft and warm, like always. Tanks for posting the greetings message for Britney Spears here!


Loves it!

Harold Araujo

Sweet... I want you with Britney together again.

Phreviewz Page

Love the video!


Auf diesem wege ganz liebe Grüße an Britney Spears. Die besten wünsche von mir an Sie. Liebe Paris gib Britney einen lieben Kuss von mir , mit einer herzlichen umarmung. Paris Du siehst wie immer wundervoll aus. In liebe Ingo.


its good to see a fitting tribute for a wonderful woman from an awesome lady


a picture that shows how much the birthday wishes are

Lorne Cooper3

I love that beautiful face! Especially in that picture with Brit. I love it when her hair has that shine to it. Paris Hilton is my Goddess!!!!!!!


aw shucks when i read 'shower' i got all excited, bc i thought you were gonna get naked and start taking a shower for the birthday greeting! damn!

Paris Felinni

Doggies got really upset that you skipped the animal charity fundraiser today in Brickell....But screw doggies, paparazzi's got really pissed. No worries though, I took over as the epicenter of the event instead....when I pulled up in a while Rolls Royce these peeps thought it was you Lol. Especially since we look a bit alike:) Hope you are having fun in Miami! Come to our little house, it is right across from Fontanblue. You have been here at this house before! :) xx

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