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Jonathan Redwine

:-) watt a great evening! peace! ... it would be! xoxoxxoo

Lorne Cooper3

Just seeing her beautiful face makes me happy. That avatar for the divine feminine blessed pearl of wisdom!!!!!!!

Account Deleted

So cute! My favorite movies with you just loved Paris!


numero quattro, staggioni, bologneise, bologna thinks eise, no jeans ay, food for a horse, sore throat, why have one, when you can teach togther, mkaing space for a friend, no chips, just fish, its not shifty, a gear stick no garage, g post stop have lunch, no fast break, pr denier, n he loves the chicks, ck no scone, sc not rc, the air con keeps you cool the rom con is sex c, a high heel, a bridge with no arch, an arc, with no k, an on with no f, off two 66s 2/3 a slash with three marks, a mark, with no stab, elow with no greeting, sorrow with no e motion, sliver with no silver, why be cut when you have life, healing with no silver and gold, yet the high heel, and the healers provider, both enjoy the benefits of a bountiful god, a dog with no paper, why bring it up its sic soul killer, ell iou, paid for a soul, without keeping the father happy, a princess who seeks her true prince, looks not in the wood but up the tree, its no monkey but sex with out humour, is like a bone with marrow, a vegetable, with brain, ero no s, sore, it hurts, to have no love, but a rose has a thorn, the flesh is meat, to meet is to have fellowship, a fella likes whips, need a break, golf the flogers day off, thanks for the memories paris, 1000 love yes siree, no s, the gent why rise, the tower has water, the stream has been blocked, up top, the pot and kettle black, a black heart is a blaggard, the med is a sea, the x iz three lines not equal, instead of a line with sand, n ribbon or band, the sea biscuit, a beautiful horse, b lod no o a ho no ore, the rock no refinement, the fine no mint, the e no th, enough, remove u, yo, ghurt, a sexual hurt, no tie, the collar, fit for a dog, god fit for a prostitute, a love fit for a princess, if i need after shave, afters have, fatters, the sins of the fathers, h are not tons, the v five saves, an angle not given, a vine no grapes, e rapes, no pear, a spear no tip, point no room, a moor no rot, all this to stop the others k no wing the love, a hen covers with a shadow, the shade is hades, the angel is no devil, he live is no lie, the aisle is no boutqiue, the bow no widow, the wide has no breadth the bread has no yeast, the stay has no duration, to endure, is end ur and drop the e, at the end of yourself lies the well to eternal life and the keys to the city, the kingdom of heaven on earth, c no it y, y b yellow when you can be blue, why be sad, when the loom has no wool, why be low when you can be high, your highness king jesus, the hind your ass, the donkey no cracks, the pave ment no r, the cow no milk underwear see below, ware is raw, a war but just, not cold but warm, an arm not long, an ob long, to be part of the community, unity no 1000 love 1000, a million, no grind, mills stop the wind, a post lets the postman, stampon, mailman, animal 1000, why letter her help, because the greek tragedy is hezeus is not sus, the flam is not lame, the cripple can walk, the blind can see, and the money can be free, all to further gods kingdom, y moan, e's no emon, or garden gonme, his stength is his core no ab use, why trap your abs, when you can free you guts, why be a haytor when the food of the rock, lets you part take with the tug, the tug has dignity and so does the fairy, a ferry, on why waste breath when the stew is due west a nd the east ates so no silent h, ell ex ists, sit when you stand the hat is no on top, the gent is an agent y, a man who puts hell first, if the fist r is second the fighter has ghr, why be right, it, no c, if you follow me, then you are an emergency er, the med, in the middle, ic y its not cold but warm, just learn to love, no lean to, intnese the reservation smells the perfume is pure fem, no alcohol or ho, paris a ho, free from being alcoholic, smells good, is princess, priceless, a l no heel, an no first, a love no last, an f no fast, 6 mans pit, 7 gods delight, ed is on, he is good, a wrap pitta, warp, no un, a five erb, a language no age, lan no us age, sue, no take down, a wond no a, down no up, leveator a journey to the afterlife, he stares, i love the attic, the cat doesn;t mind that paris is a woman, neither do i


Paris, you may call me on my cell phone then:
+351-934519289 Portugal
Rui Lisboa

Stuart Hall

i like sopranos wish me and you watch to bottle wine log cabbin just friends xxxxxxxxx me

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