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Marcus Dewayne Watson

Hope that you had a nice T-Day.. M.D.W

Melanie Shang

It's Juicy new bikini the first one!! Hilton makes efforts to chasing cheap brands?

Emilio Cici

so glad you had a good paris you have more style and class then those kartrashians

J Feces-Hurlingmonkey Joe

Your Bod Rocks !

Joseph Woods

u r so HOT! Compleatly beautiful from head to toe.

Lorne Cooper3

Holy F$%^K Beautiful Face! Your body looks so hot! I missed you. You Beautiful divine feminine essence!


You are looking Great Paris; glad You enjoyed Yourself in Hawaii. Thanks for sharing these photos with us.

Trenton Harbour

where in hawaii is that, looks awesome?


A CALENDAAAAR? Wow! That is awesome!!! Can't wait it, Princess P!!! ♥
Love your photos from Hawaii! Happy you had an amazing vacation!

Love U 4ever and ever,


love the beach, but as for making others happy, think i failed the experiment, hope you are well, yours sincerely paul

Risma Charisma


Risma Charisma


Risma Charisma


Kevin Kuhn

yes, your way less fat then I am I feel shame about my self.. but your still cool..

Patrick Moreira

me encantas soy tu seguidor numero unoooooo mi flaca eres lo maximo y me encata tu nuevo regalo el ferrari..


I heard there were some naked photos on your twitpic, where are they?

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