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Zamie Paris

Your welcome, @ParisHilton! I will always support you and your brand. :)

Love you even more! x


Paris Honey,
I got a real laugh when I read about you pumping gas and I think that's really lovely. I must also say you look more beautiful than ever Darling....I'm really excited.Well, I must congratulate you for your break-through in Turkey,Philippines and India.One of the many reasons I love you so much is that you're resourceful and creative with a lot of human touch.I also love your shoes line,but you should consider adding ladies slip-ons(flats).
Well Darling,I've always been fascinated about rail transportation and I thought I should bring it up in our conversation especially as I saw you pose with a lovely Tube recently in China and I thought it's about time you diversified into transportation as well.According to Siemens, in the very near future, the world needs a reliable and of course viable and profitable transportation network.I believe the airlines have made their marks and are consolidating.So are the ocean-liners and automobile companies like GM and Ford Motor Company which are all over the place, but there's still room for improvement in rail transportation.The whole of Africa needs to be linked-up in an efficient,fast,viable and profitable rail network.The opportunity is vast. Violence or expropriation or nationalization is no longer any significant problem.The only problem appears to be international payments.Like it sounds, it's an economic problem or better still a challenge the G8 Countries have to resolve.A huge amount of foreign capital is trapped in Africa for instance i.e most multinational corporations like your family's can't easily repatriate their profits to Headquarters and this has exposed them to a lot of swindling since the Dollar, Sterling and Euro are scarce in Africa. With the exception of South Africa,the monetary system in Africa is not valid beyond the borders of each country i.e you cannot spend the Ghanaian Cedi or Nigerian Naira in Europe or the United States or even beyond the borders of Ghana and Nigeria respectively.Ditto for the rest of Africa.I believe you've noticed this too much earlier than I did.
The only saving grace is the availability of Gold in both countries, though in Nigeria the Gold reserves need to be properly incorporated and made a going concern.So international payments is the only challenge as in all cases.You may talk to my network at Cable News Network International(CNN International, and specifically Tod Benjamin and Maggie Lake(maggie@cnn.com))It's a lovely team they are and I've never had it so good until 2002 when I linked-up with them by sheer DIVINE INTERVENTION.
Well, before I forget my phone numbers are +07088770806 and +2348062074960.My phone has a dual SIM card.
Your Hubby,

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