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Peter Petee

Hello Paris,
Will you be in Wroclaw (Wrocław) in Poland?
I'm not from Katowice where Silesia City Center is I can't meet you tomorrow :(
Maybe it will be possible to take photo with you in Wrocław or somewhere else?
Greetings ! :)

Orlando Turner

I hope that Paris's Trip to Poland is very relaxing. Perhaps it be a good time for her to look into projects she can eb involved in for the London 2012 Olympics. A start would be checking my site out: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Action-Sports-Creative-Services/279294728748157?sk=photos also www.actionsportscreativeservices.co.uk

Andrzej Witkowski

I think I know why in Poland. Let your dad's new hotel was a good hiding place before the great world.
Visit a shopping gallery, "ECHO" in Kielce. Greet.

Krzysztof Bańka

Hi. In which city will be.

Lorne Cooper3

Beautiful Face, have a great time in Poland. I love you so much i'd wash my face with your saliva!


Hello P.

Piotr Stelmach


Kevin Kuhn

you, always were the best sun glasses/ also I like the shiney thing in your right hand/ I think it may be a cell phone..

Account Deleted

Pretty face, Paris! :)
Have fun there! :)
Can't wait for a new photos of you there, cuz i'm gonna tweet / twitpic 'em <3

Adam Ziaja

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6d2XTGqTN48 -- video from Poland, other videos on my youtube channel :-)!

Nrepeb Nrepeb

Sadly You are probably sleeping now alone. I known this feeling too much, on trips to other countries - so if You will be in Europe next time, why not to contact me or other people? Hope the bath was relaxing and bubbles enough...

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