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John Heiler

nice pic

Kevin Kuhn

I like giner snaps..

Lorne Cooper3

Have a Happy Halloween Beautiful Face!!!!!!!

Kevin Kuhn

also, I still don't see why you get to be on tv, & people get all upset when I try too, make myself a public image.. were the same relgion, we both have blond hair, but why do you get such postive feed back, & people get so upset with me paris?

Kevin Kuhn

also, like I said how come people like to see pictures of you so much, but get upset when I throw myself out there.. this world makes no sense to me paris..

Kevin Kuhn

also, no no I disagree/. I don't think the problem is with me I think it's with paris, see she is always trying to stell my thunder, I win a trophy she puts out a new line of clothes. See paris you've been wrong, my mom was wrong the shebogan police depatment were wrong, see the problem is not with me.. It's with the famious people it's not with me!!

Kevin Kuhn

yeah, I don't need you or your big fance house with the pools, & the money & the servants/ oh god who I am I kidding paris, can I still lick the mud off your shoes( I have no self respect)..

Kevin Kuhn

If I did I would be damb sure wearing them(them being my other pair of self respect) now?


Mein Traum war es noch einmal in meinem Leben , die Partnerin zu finden mit meinen 46 Jahren mit der ich bis an mein Lebensende ein Glückliches , liebevolles , und Harmonisches Leben habe. Noch einmal Glücklich Verheiratet zu sein. Eine Partnerin die ich auf Händen Trage . Für die ich alles mache was mir als Mensch möglich ist. Liebe Paris Du warst dieser Traum dem ich sehr lange hinterhergeträumt habe.
Liebe Paris , ich wünsche Dir vom ganzem Herzen das Du den Partner fürs Leben findest der dich aus dem reinstem Herzen her liebt und Dir Treu bis an sein Lebensende ist. Der Dir all das Glück schenkt was Du Dir aus dem Herzen her wünschst.
In liebe Ingo .

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