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Marlon Em

Five pictures are excellent. Creative BFF is a brilliant idea. Paris, indeed you're an angel of beauty and wisdom. That you have to pretty day, today and always. Blessings...


Paris Darling,
I've really missed you...well I've not been to your website lately.I believe you're quite fine and I hope business is booming.I just stopped-by to say how are you and that I really do love you.
Yes, I also want you to remain focused.To whom much is given much is expected as the saying goes.Always find time to pray too.That's important.I'll visit again soon. I LOVE YOU. REMAIN BLESSED.
Yours Affectionately,

Adriana Monroe

Heyya, I got the honorable mention with that last photo. I don't know if you will read this, but I wanted to thank you so much for the autographed picture and bottle of perfume. The priceless autograph is in a $3 wal-mart frame as the center piece on my table and the perfume is bitchen. Thank you very much!

Micka Cabatingan

hello! Paris Hilton, Am i deaf and i like Paris hilton fans so much when i will admire you because you are my idlo!!! (PBFFH).i hopeful will meet you forgiver of my montelin!

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