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AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS AND CLASSICALLY SWEET IN ALL OF THIS STUFF ANGELBABE.... YOUR SHOW OVER THERE WE HAD BEEN CHATTING BACK AND FORTH SO MUCH EVEN WHEN YOU ORIGINALLY SHOT THIS THAT WE BOTH SHARED A SPECIAL DREAMMY MOMENTZZZ OR 2 * 3 you know babe.... we DREAM HUGE ...... have been sooooo Long together and have been together through so many amazingly interestingly COOL and often very Enlighteningly Awesome moments together !!! Can YOU say #LOVESIT ?

Bastian Morales Martinez

Liiinda, te adoro, love ya!

Rui de Castro

Are there any more photos of Dubai here @ParisHilton #LittleHiltons

Account Deleted

hi my sweet princess Paris,

I'm Cleo Imbo Dols, & I'm also from the Philippines, I'm an avid Fan of yours, I really love your movies especially your movie entitled "The Hottie & The Nottie", you are amazingly awesome!... I really admire you as an actress, a celebrity, a business tycoon and as a person... Though you look so glamorous, elegant & in every inch a very class-looking woman but you are really so down to earth!.... You are amazingly awesome indeed!

By the way, I'm really thankful that you accepted my Friend Request on Facebook... My Facebook profile is: http://www.facebook.com/cleodols... (just to remind u)... Here's my FB Page too: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cebu-City-Philippines/Cebu-Real-Estate-Properties-Investment-Filipino-Homes-cleodols/194399670598958.

I was really pretty much excited and amazed that you are also a friend of our great Boxing Champ Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao & that you have plans in visiting the Philippines since I'm also from the Philippines and would really LOVE to see you when you visit the Philippines...

This is all for now, have a nice day ahead.... Take care, God bless... Regards!

Cleo Imbo Dols (my Facebook name)

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